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Norma Martins is a highly qualified Counselor with a Master degree in Counselling. Norma has experience in childcare, aged care and working with people with disability. Norma loves cultural diversity because she is born in Brazil and she enjoys meeting people from different countries. She is fluent in English and Portuguese.

As a Counselor, Norma has helped many people with a variety of issues, such as loss and grief, vocational counselling, anger management, trauma, depression, anxiety, stress management, learning difficulties, disability, building boundaries, relationships and much more. With Norma’s extensive experiences and understanding nature that seeks to support and assist you, you will benefit from booking a counselling session now, so don’t delay it anymore.


Norma is passionate about seeing people well and healthy, by improving their way of living and supporting them through challenging seasons of their lives. She believes that self-care is fundamental to a balanced life, and a client-centred approach to counselling is essential. She enjoys helping clients discover their strengths, to implement them for their personal growth and well-being. Norma aims to empower people to make quality decisions that will help them to reach their goals.


Norma enjoys listening to music, socialising with friends, going to church and travelling. She also appreciates nature, birds and flowers.